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Many dancers preparing to take a bow in a single line on the right of the image. Their hands are joined and in the air and they are bathed in a purplish white light. They are all wearing white except the person who wears black. The audiences is visible on the left.
Shallal Dance Theatre take a bow at Newlyn Art Gallery 2020. Collaborative project with light artist Peter Freeman.

Shallal is entering an exciting and ambitious period of creative growth and development

To reflect this, we are looking to strengthen and diversify our Board of Trustees and are looking for enthusiastic candidates, with a wide range of skills and experience, particularly in these areas:

  • Art sector: experience within art or performance venues / studios, or arts-based projects
  • Community capacity building: experience of building and delivering projects that empower local communities and promote social justice
  • Health and social care sector: experience with supporting and championing the lives of vulnerable people
  • Education sector: experience within the arts or SEN
  • Environment: people who are passionate about working within the context of the climate emergency.
  • Other sectors: people with experience in IT, marketing, human resources, law, finance, and fundraising 
Two people are standing facing a wall hanging artwork on the wall. The walls are hung with many artworks from floor to ceiling. In the foreground a long table is spread with artwork.
Image caption
Hanging work for Shallal Studios Krowji Open Studios event 2019

This quote from Primary Care Liaisons Nurse and Shallal dance facilitator Debbie O'Nyons shines a light on the way Shallal works:

Creative, fun, supportive, committed, able to value the voice of everyone they meet and work with, Shallal offers an opportunity to push beyond the perceived judgements we make about people and transcend boundaries. For many people, watching Shallal perform for the first time or joining in with a workshop, can lead them to a paradigm shift, which is imperative if we are ever truly going to become an inclusive society.  It takes people from the banal to the aspirational and is often the first step on a creative journey. 

As a community organisation, we believe strongly that our Board of Trustees should represent the entire range of social perspectives. So, if you share our ethos and want to help us reach our goals, but don’t fit the traditional trustee profile, that won’t matter at all. We are very keen to hear from you.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Shallal Trustee please contact us.

Shallal offers an opportunity to push beyond the perceived judgements we make about people and transcend boundaries.

Debbie O’Nyons, Primary Care Liaisons Nurse and Shallal dance facilitator