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Shallal Dance Theatre Company brought alive the spirit of inclusivity, community and passion to The Eden Project’s Be Inspired Arts Festival. Thank you so much for bringing such colour to The Eden Project.

Lynne Raubenheimer, The Eden Project
Eight dancers perform on stage with a projected image behind them. Three dancers are crouching or sitting and five are standing. One dancer is waving a  green streamer in an arc around their body. All the other dancers are looking to the left.
Image caption
Shallal Doorways performance at Falmouth University AMATA Performance Centre 2017

Shallal is a pioneering organisation at the cutting edge of inclusive arts in the South West

It is also a Cornish institution, representative of Cornwall’s fiercely independent creative spirit. Our work promotes creative excellence and aims towards equity of access for all artists.

Inclusivity and diversity are currently gaining momentum as key areas in arts and culture policy-making at a national level. Arts Council England’s 2020-2030 Strategy ‘Let’s Create’ puts diversity at the forefront and strives to widen creative access.

Two people are standing in a small white studio space. The person in the foreground is recording on a video camera and the one in the background is standing next to an electronic keyboard.
Image caption
Digital art at Shallal Back Lane West combined arts residency

Shallal has been working as a small, dynamic charity for over thirty years, building experience as a force for community cohesion and inclusion in Cornwall. We are currently developing plans for ambitious expansion, rooted in decades of experience and real sector knowledge.

Shallal's social media presence reaches 14K across various platforms. This makes us an ideal organisation for sponsors who are looking to position themselves within the arts charity sector and hoping to connect with communities in Cornwall.

To discuss sponsorship please contact us.