Friends and Dancing

A group of 8 people dancing in a large hall.
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Friends and Dancing

Friends and Dancing is our popular and long running Falmouth inclusive dance theatre community group, open to people of all ages and abilities. The group takes place every Wednesday morning during term time at the Dracaena Centre, a vibrant and supportive community centre with its own thriving community café.

At Shallal, we encourage improvised movement, so there are no right or wrong moves. Members can help choose the music and bring in their own selection that they would like to dance to. Friends and Dancing offers sharings twice a year, where friends and family can come and see our work.

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An older person dancing with a walking stick. There are 2 people dancing in the background. The light in the image is blue

Our creative group Express Yourself takes place before Friends and Dancing, in the same room at the Dracaena Centre, and you are welcome to come to that group too and make a morning of it!

All our groups are inclusive and we are always open to new members and people who want to drop in and give it a go. If you would like to talk to a dance facilitator about the group please contact us here. 

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Venue: The Dracaena Centre, Falmouth TR11 2ES or Remote alternative: Zoom 

Date / time: Wednesdays at 11am – 12:30

Cost: £3 or donation

Parking and access: yes

Contact: Friends and Dancing

People are kind, they are friends. If I feel down in the dumps I come here and I feel happy.

Shallal dance and movement group member