Funding partners

Four people are standing wearing fun dressing up costumes and hats in a light-filled rehearsal hall. The one nearest to the camera is wearing a yellow top and black trousers with braces and a hat with a lighthouse on top and he is putting both thumbs up and smiling.
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Shallal rehearsal for Cornish Doorways project Ladders and Footprints show

Shallal is a pioneering small charity

We've been delivering inclusive arts in Cornish communities for over thirty years, so we really understand our communities, partners and audiences and can take the long view in terms of strategic development.

Shallal is based in Cornwall, the joint poorest region in the UK and one of the poorest regions in Northern Europe. This means that many people have comparatively fewer arts and cultural opportunities and less access to health and social care provision and that they are more likely to face mobility and travel barriers.

Shallal relies on a mixed income of donations, earned income and grants. Our funding partners make it possible for us to aim higher; providing transformative, life-changing creative opportunities for the artists and communities that we work with. They enable us to advocate for accessible arts across the region and beyond.

Our work is currently or frequently funded by:

To work with Shallal as a funding partner please contact us.

Five people are dancing in a modern studio space with black curtains, a white screen and a wooden floor. One is in the foreground slightly blurred as they dance across the room. The others are in the background dancing with bamboo poles as props.
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Shallal research and development at Falmouth University AMATA Performance Centre

In the last five years we have doubled the number of inclusive community groups we run in response to need. We have kept all our groups open during through the pandemic and have grown in size, embracing the learning curve and finding more accessible ways to reach more people. We have established our accessible visual art studio centrally in the county, offering long term interventions so that people can grow in their creative journey. We encourage people to progress to other groups and activities within Shallal when they are ready, as well as out into the community.

As a charity, we are currently working on an exciting and ambitious three-year plan for development.

If you would like to join us on our journey as a funding partner, please contact us.

Shallal conveys a clear message about the value to all of us of a fully-inclusive artistic environment.

Colin Rogers, Trustee, the Acorn Theatre