Health sector

Six people are in a workshop in a room with a blue floor. Two people are lying down whist two other people are sitting on the floor drawing round them on large paper . Another person is standing up and a person is drawing round them onto a large piece of paper fixed to the wall.
Image caption
Drawing round ourselves at Express Yourself group

Shallal provides inclusive, supported groups for people, including those with additional support needs

Our groups aim to overcome social isolation, increase wellbeing and resilience and improve life opportunites for people over the long term. 

We are keen to work with health and social care partners, to signpost and refer new people to Shallal, who would benefit from our groups and activities. We currently work successfully with social prescribers to refer people with an interest in arts and dance to our groups, via GP surgery primary care networks.

If you work with people who you think would benefit from joining an inclusive, supported group, please contact us using the form and we will arrange a meeting to discuss. For a list of our groups and activities and their locations in Cornwall please visit Join In.

This group has had such a major positive impact on her life. It’s a safe environment in the group, you feel safe and everyone respects each other. It’s the highlight of her week.

Support worker for a member of our Out There dance and movement group