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It makes me feel proud of my life.

Member of our 'Out There' dance and movement group in Liskeard
4 people dancing together. The room is dark with their faces and hands illuminated by the light. They are close together and holding hands, which they are reaching upwards.

Shallal’s groups take place in different parts of Cornwall. Use the four options above to explore them. Our groups are for you if you enjoy creativity and like a supported, communal environment. Our approach is friendly and relaxed and we’d love to hear from you.

At Shallal, artists are encouraged to work in an improvised, expressive way, rather than being told how to dance or draw. Our purpose is to enable the artists who work with us, whether they are new or experienced, to:

  • Direct their own creative journey
  • Progress towards trying out new art forms
  • Be treated equally
  • Work communally and with support where needed
  • Work towards sharing their creative work with the public

As Shallal is small and people-centred, we can work with you individually over time to find out what art forms and activities will suit your creative journey. If you are unable to come to us, Shallal Sketchbooks allows you to work from home, but still connect with our creative community. 

Most questions about joining a Shallal group are answered in our frequently asked questions page. But if you would like to talk to someone about which Shallal groups or activities might be best for you, please contact us here.

I've never experienced anything like Shallal. It's so truly inclusive, just fully accepting everyone for themselves and as they are, what they can and not what they can't do. Everyone gives and receives in equal measure.  

Shallal Studios artist