Four people sit eating their picnic lunches on some wide steps. They are all smiling. From left to right the person far left is eating a yoghurt, the next person is holding up a lunchbox, the two people on the right have their hands in their laps.
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Time for lunch on our Shallal Studios visit to Tate St Ives 2015

As a small, people-centred charity, Shallal works in a dialogue with each Shallal participant so that they will have the best possible creative experience

Each Shallal group is run by experienced facilitators, passionate about inclusion and diversity. To talk to one of them before encouraging someone you know or support to join a group, please contact us. Our facilitators are always happy to talk to you before or after a session and we are keen to learn from your feedback. Our Frequently Asked Questions page helps with practical questions.

You may feel unsure about leaving someone at one of our groups for the first time. We regularly spend extra time with new members to make them feel comfortable. We ask that everyone who attends has adequate support so they can get the most from the experience. Where support workers or family members are staying for the session, we encourage them to join in, as it enhances the experience for all. Feedback tells us that taking part increases wellbeing, confidence and creativity. If you work at a day care setting and would like to discuss bringing people you work, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.


I’ve been coming for three years. People are kind, they are friends. If I feel down in the dumps I come here and I feel happy.

Member of Open House dance and movement group

It's so holistic and genuine in every way, I feel so welcome, accepted, truly part of it.

Shallal Studios artist