Colin Curbishley


After spending ten years at a midge infested Buddhist monastery in Scotland he trained with the Fool at Heart school of Sacred Clowning with Didier Danthois "What more can I say other than all those interesting things have lead me to this wonderfully caring, inspiring and uniquely creative community called Shallal. Where I feel completely at home and very fortunate to be a part of such a Cornish treasure, may it's delights spread far and wide." 

Colin also runs a 'Tea Dance with a Difference' which seeks to meet people with dementia in their world and help them enjoy the moment through music, movement and creative play.

Colin standing in a doorway. Colin has one hand on his hip and the other is out of site. He is smiling at the camera. Only his waist upwards in visible. Colin is wearing a white tee-shirt. The image is black and white.