Eddie Callis


Eddie has co-written dedicated project songs for Shallal over the last 10 years and will be leading a Shallal Studios workshop in 2021. 

His practice ranges from music, performance, dance, painting, animation and more. 

Eddie is currently an artist on the Moogie Wonderland project writing music and art scores and performing live at their events.

Eddie was an an Ambassador for Apex Arts (2017-2018), particularly in the Art of Living Creatively project with Plymouth Mind.  He has exhibited his films, helped create animated content for the website, written songs and played in the house band. 

Eddie represented Exeter University’s #ExDxFilms project at two screening events in November 2019.  The project featured short film work created with the help of Eddie and a four other International neurodivergent artists in partnership with The Art of Autism and Production Company, Calling the Shots, and sought to express the experiences of neurodiversity and autism through art, film and animation. 



A headshot of Eddie standing by one of his paintings. Eddie is smiling and has pink hair and a black shirt on.