Jo Willis


I had the privilege of attending Wolfgang Stange's classes in London: and left my Psychology degree, to gain experience with him, and have never looked back. I went onto work throughout west and mid Cornwall, for over 30 years working in creative dance with vulnerable people in various settings. Early on I was encouraged to do a dance therapy post graduate but left halfway and returned to the freedom of creativity and inclusion in the arts. My favourite work was always Shallal, Inclusion and Cross Art forms, and this is where I am now. 

During the first lockdown in the pandemic, watching the worsening global situation where people who are vulnerable are often the first to experience hardship, Shallal aligned with Culture Declares Emergency: I was accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts: and Shallal is part of Cornwall Doughnut Collective and continues to advocate for the urgency of positive systems change.  

Jo is smiling looking to the left, tanned skin and grey hair, background of  a grey metal bar with wood on the left and white wall on the right. Jo is wearing grey cardigans and a black t shirt.