Sapphire Sumpter


My passion for dance started when I was growing up in the far West of Cornwall. Being home educated allowed me the freedom to explore the rugged wilderness of my surroundings and this experience resonated with discovering works by eg. Pina Bausch, Kurt Jooss Crystal Pite and Hilde Holger when I was 10 years old. My first experimental pieces were set amongst cliffs, rock faces, moors and woodlands in all weathers incorporating natural elements which became the stage wherever felt right.

With little access to intensive classical dance training I moved to London on a scholarship five years ago to attend full time Ballet School and have recently graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance with a BA (Hons).

Working under Wolfgang Stange in AMICI Dance Theatre transformed how I view dance and showed me the endless possibilities of connecting with others through movement. Alongside my work with Shallal, I am currently involved in short film work and research/explorative work with musicians Steve Slimm and George Clement Peer, exploring the use of dance and music as a tool for transcendence and as a voice to express what cannot be communicated through words.

A headshot of Sapphire smiling. She is wearing a dark grey high neck jumper and hoop earrings.