Zoe Wilton


Renaissance Woman, Bon Vivant and a Big Beer drinker!  

Zoe works in a wide range of mediums, including painting, digital drawing, fashion, dance, video, music, photography, writing and performance. 

Currently, Zoe is inspired by films and tv shows where she draws the characters and scenes. She is also exploring working from her imagination, which has led to her writing her first novel, which is called The Crazy Detective and developing a series of memory paintings. 

Zoe has exhibited throughout Cornwall, at Newlyn Art Gallery, Studio 62 Gallery and Krowji Open Studios. 

Zoe has regularly appeared in the local ‘Cornishman’ newspaper and has regularly been awarded as a finalist in the Down’s Syndrome Association's annual, ‘My Perspective’ photographic competition.

Over the last 40 years, the list of people she has met reads like a 'Whose Who’ ~ including members of the Royal Family, Lords & Lady’s in visits to The House of Lords, Prime Ministers at Number 10, assorted Politicians, Mayors & Celebrities and in 2005, Dawn French during her visit to The John Daniel Centre (where Dawn was presented with her own portrait painted by Zoe). The Actor Timothy Spall bought three of Zoe’s paintings during his ‘Somewhere At Sea’ tour around the Cornish coast. 

As a member of the Shallal Dance Theatre Company, Zoe has been involved in performances across the county performing through dance, theatre and her clarinet.

On top of all this, Zoe worked for many years for Cornwall Health And Making Partnerships (CHAMPs), helping people with a learning disability in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly get equal access to health service. 

You can view a film about Zoe’s practice here: http://vimeo.com/102927001



painting of a women with pink skin and short black hair against a yellow background